Benefits of the Premier's be active Challenge

Being active is great for general wellbeing. The Challenge provides a focus for schools trying to promote physical activity in a fun and rewarding way. Some of the benefits of becoming involved in the Premier’s be active Challenge include:

  • Raises the profile of physical activity in schools
  • Gives students a focus for their physical activity
  • Encourages students to enjoy being active
  • Encourages students to participate by being challenged
  • Contributes to better attendance, time on task, behaviour and academic performance
  • Offers incentives for those reluctant to be active
  • Builds self-esteem, self-efficacy, pride, school unity and a sense of achievement among students
  • Increases the involvement of parents in their child’s physical activity
  • Contributes to increased wellbeing
  • Contributes to lifelong physical activity
  • Contributes to connections with broader community (eg sporting clubs, adventure playgrounds, etc).

Have a question about the Challenge?

Please email our Premier’s be active Challenge mailbox or call for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.