Resources and Forms

This page contains links to all of the forms that you need.
You will also find links to other resources like leading research articles and a gallery of the entire collection of Premier’s be active Challenge posters over the years.


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Recording Forms

All students must record their physical activity to complete the Premier’s be active Challenge. There are a number of options available. Students may either record their activity in the:

  • School-based student recording booklet (for 4 weeks or 10 weeks)
  • Home school or family-based recording booklet (for 4 weeks only)
  • Class progress chart – allows teachers to record up to 30 students for up to 10 weeks

These recording options are available to download as PDFs. Each student requires their record to be signed off by a parent, guardian or teacher

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School registration form

If your school has not participated in the Premier’s be active Challenge previously, schools must complete the registration form.

If your school has participated previously, ensure your contact details remain up to date (i.e. if your designated contact staff change, let the PbaC office know).

Your school will receive an email with important information for the year ahead:

  • When it submits a registration form for the first time.
  • At the start of each new Premier’s be active Challenge year (first week of term 1)

Merchandise ordering forms

Please fill in and return this form if you would like to order:

  • Posters
  • Class progress charts
  • A5 Student Recording Booklets
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Poster history

See all of the posters that have promoted the Premier’s be active Challenge since 2007.

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Discover links to partner organisations that support the Premier’s be active Challenge.

Research Articles

The research articles address key questions related to physical activity.


Have a question about the Challenge?

Please email our Premier’s be active Challenge mailbox or call for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.