To complete the Challenge, you will need to fill in the relevant PDF Student Records for you (see below). Student records include the:

There is a third option. Your teacher might choose to use the:

  • Class progress chart – your teacher will record you and your classmates on a chart for up to 10 weeks. The chart will be pinned up in your classroom and you will mark off the days you are active.

Whichever student record you use, you will need to let your Challenge coordinator know when you have completed the Challenge.

When your record is complete

When you have completed your record, you must have it signed off by a parent, guardian or teacher.

At school

If you are doing the Challenge at school, hand your finished record to your teacher.

At home

If you are doing the Challenge at home, send your completed form to the Premier’s be active Challenge team.

Have a question about the Challenge?

Please email our Premier’s be active Challenge mailbox or call for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.