Every student who finishes the Premier’s be active Challenge by the end date receives an award.

The awards are based on years of participation.

In 2024, a mid-year intake (MYI) certificate has been introduced. Only students enrolled mid-year for reception will receive this award for their first 6 months of school.

All students are eligible for 12 medals. Students can commence the Challenge at any stage in their education. If for example a student commences the Challenge in either Reception (full year) or in Year 6, they will receive a Bronze medal for their first year of the Challenge.

Mid-year intake - end of first 6 months of reception

Mid-year intake certificate

End of first year


End of second year


End of third year


End of fourth year


End of fifth year


End of sixth year

Hall of Fame

End of seventh year

Be active for life Bronze

End of eighth year

Be active for life Silver

End of ninth year

Be active for life Gold

End of tenth year

Be active for life Champion

End of eleventh year

Be active for life Legend

End of twelfth year

Be active for life Hall of Fame

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