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Students wishing to complete the Premier’s be active Challenge need to download and complete a student recording booklet. Students do not need to register for the Challenge.

Once the student has completed the challenge, please send the student recording booklet to the PbaC team by the end of September.

Please ensure the date of birth and previous school fields are filled in. This will help match students to any previous participation records and ensure they receive the correct award. This information is not used for any other purpose, and is not made public at any time.

The ‘previous school’ field relates to the last school at which the student completed the Challenge prior to the current year.


The recording booklet can be submitted at any time before 30 September 2022 via email to education.pbac@sa.gov.au

Or you can post the forms to:

Department for Education
Premier’s be active Challenge
ATTN: Leanne Barnes
PbaC Administration Officer
PO Box 1152

Awards will be posted to students in November.

Have a question about the Challenge?

Please email our Premier’s be active Challenge mailbox or call for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.