Changing age categories – year 7 to secondary school

By 2022, all South Australian students in year 7 will be attending secondary (middle) schools. As you know, this process of migration has commenced with Catholic Education South Australia making the move already.

The PRC is preparing for this shift.

As it stands, our participants are separated into 3 age categories reflected in our reading records

1. Reception to Year 7
2. Years 8 and 9
3. Years 10 to 12.

In 2020 however, we are offering you a choice. You are best placed to decide which will work better for you.

OPTION 1: Status quo. The age group categories remain as they have always been (see above).

OPTION 2: Introducing:

4. Reception to Year 6
5. Years 7 to 9
6. Years 10 to 12.

What option 2 means is that R-6 will continue to read 8 books from the list and 4 books of their own choice. Year 7 will join years 8 and 9 and be able to read 4 from the list and 8 free choice.

We will eventually move to only option 2 in 2022. In the meantime, it may suit your school to stay with the status quo or to move to the alternative criteria – the choice is yours! To view materials, please visit If you have any questions, please contact us.

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