Theodora Kasimidou - Sport Climbing

I was born and raised in Greece until 2012 when my family decided to move to Australia. A year later since we moved to Adelaide, I started bouldering as a hobby after my father saw I had talent in the sport when I tried it for the first time at the Royal Adelaide Show. In 2015 after winning my first National title, I got my first coach who I was working very closely with until 2019 when I first became part of the Australian Youth Team. Until 2021, Sport Climbing becoming part of SASI was something we never imagined but as of today I am the first athlete to represent sport climbing at the state’s institution. For the past year, I have been training at SASI, it has been an amazing experience to train with some of the state’s best coaches but also train with the best athletes in the world. But the biggest highlight of the year was being the first bouldering athlete from SA, to represent Australia in a Youth World Championship.

Outside the gym, I work casual time at a Greek street food place called the Local Greek, and from time to time help out with coaching with my clubs youth squad. From 2023 onwards, I am starting full-time university where I am going to study Sports Science and Food and Nutrition sciences.

The best thing about being a SASI Athlete 

The best thing about being a SASI athlete is that through my training, SASI has created a bouldering programme that trains me to the best of my ability but will help train future kids in bouldering and which will help develop the sport.

My favourite food to fuel me as an Athlete 

It probably has to be octopus cooked on the charcoal with vinegar and lemon.

My favourite movie

Sleeping Beauty

My favourite colours 

Turquoise and magenta

My sporting hero and why

Janja Garnbet is the my sporting hero. She has made history to be the first female and male competitor to win 1st place in all of the IFSC World Cup series competitions in 2019. She is an absolute beast and can conquer any wall and has unlocked the flow of movement when she climbs.

My favourite posession    

My pair of yellow La Sportiva glasses I got in 2019 at the National competition and everyone knows them as “Theo’s iconic glasses”.

The sporting activity I most like performing   

Of course bouldering.

If I wasn’t doing my current sport I would like to be

If I wasn’t climbing, I would of liked to do a martial art.

The most important things in life

Apart from families, friends and being healthy is to gather as many experiences and knowledge as possible.

My Ambassador Activity tip

Always strive for uniqueness and success. Never let others influence the path you have chosen for yourself and grasp every opportunity that comes in your way.

My favourite way to keep active 


The sport I like watching the most 

I love watching the IFSC World Championships but I love watching the Australian Open and figure skating.

What sporting success looks like 

Being the influence of others and building a great community were the younger generations can develop their own sporting journey.

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