Mark Soderstrom - Media

Sport has always been a big part of my life and I’m very happy that my three children have all taken a liking to exercise and sport.

I have worked as a PE teacher and fireman, with both jobs based around fitness and physical activity.

I also get to be involved and watch plenty of sport through my job at Channel Seven.

Being active helps me to feel positive and healthy, it’s a huge benefit for my mind as well as body.



My favourite food to fuel me as an Athlete 


My favourite movie

The Wizard of Oz.

My favourite colours 


My sporting hero and why

Robert de Castella. He made marathon running very cool.

My Favourite possession 

My Grandfather’s tie from the horse racing club he was a member of.

The sporting activity I most like performing   


The most important things in life

Family, friends and being healthy

My Ambassador Activity tip

Even if you don’t feel like being active sometimes, once you get up and get moving, you’ll be glad you did.

My favourite way to keep active 

Have a goal to aim for, it will keep you motivated.

The sport I like watching the most 

Football and athletics.

What sporting success looks like 

Achieving your goals and loving what you do.


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