Jessica Stenson (Trengove) - Distance Running

All the way from the state’s South-East Jess Trengove is used to travelling long distances, generally in a car. Seemingly from nowhere, the long distance runner burst onto the international stage in 2012 when she qualified for the London Olympics. Lining up against the world’s very best in cold and dreary conditions; this dedicated and determined young women ran the race of her life to finish 39th in the world in what was only her second full marathon of her career.

An incredibly modest and down to earth person, Jess often runs between 10-20km before heading off to her profession as a physiotherapist. Despite being quite a lonely event during competitions, Jess says that she couldn’t do what she does without the support and friendships she has with her coach and training team ‘Team Tempo’.

As a child growing up in Naracoorte; Jess along with her sister Abbie and brother Jack were involved in many sports and physical activities. Exposure to many different forms of physical activity has not only given her a great deal of joy and built lifelong friendships but importantly it has led her to the event she loves so much today.

Jess believes that finding that from of physical activity that you are passionate about and combing that with the company of others is the perfect balance to living a healthy and active life.


My favourite food to fuel me as an Athlete:

Always a tough question… banana bread, mangoes and basically any seafood dish.

My favourite movie:

Recently I loved Skyfall but Notting Hill is an old favourite.

My favourite colours:

Light blue and coral.

My sporting hero and why:

Benita Willis: One of Australia’s best female distance runners. She inspired me in the 5000m at the Sydney Olympics and again with her gutsy performance in the London Olympic Marathon.

My favourite possession:

A travel bear that my brother and sister gave me a few years ago and I’ve taken it on all of my over-seas trips for running.

The sporting activity I most like performing:

Crossing the line!

If I wasn’t doing my current sport I would like to be:

Travelling the world or doing something related to art and design.

The most important things in life:

Enjoy the journey and spend quality time with the ones who make you happy.

My ambassador activity tip:

Find a form of exercise that you enjoy and try to make it social so that you have others to help motivate you during those challenging times!

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