Dane Sampson - Shooting

Brief Intro.

Born in Sydney, I grew up in Coominya about 1hr 15 west of Brisbane. I made the decision at 10 that I wanted to be in high performance sport.
I started shooting at age 12 and have now been competing in Shooting for 22years. I have competed at 2012 and 2016 Olympics (I have also qualified for Tokyo 2020/21 Olympics). I have also competed at 2014 and 2018 World Champs and Commonwealth games. I was able to win gold at the 2018 Comm Games and in the final at there World Champs in the same year. I have been national champion many times and hold many national records.

 The best thing about being a SASI Athlete 

The community with the other athletes and support staff.

My favourite food to fuel me as an Athlete 

Algerian Paella

My favourite movie

The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 90s

My favourite colours 

I like Earthy colours like rust, olive green, deep dark blues, slate matt blacks

My sporting hero and why

I never really had a hero in sport. My Dad was always my hero in and out of sport. Growing up I got a lot of my inspiration from 80s and 90s sport movies. Michael Jordan, Kieran Perkins and many other athletes who were the best at what they did, particularly the ones with high moral values.

My Favourite possession 

Probably my wood working tools.

The sporting activity I most like performing   

I like shooting my 3 position event most.

If I wasn’t doing my current sport I would like to be

A rower.

The most important things in life

Not a question that can be answered in one sentence, but maybe the most important thing in a sporting life would be the struggle.

My Ambassador Activity tip

Be your own inspiration. Have the courage to try something new or something you are not confident in, never let the fear of embarrassment stop you.

My favourite way to keep active 

Gym and Bouldering

The sport I like watching the most 

Ice Hockey

What sporting success looks like 

Nothing you can see or hold in your hands. To be successful in sport is to be open minded enough to understand all the opportunities to examine and grow in oneself in the pursuit of success.

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