Isabella Vincent - Para Swimming

In 2021 Izzy was selected as the youngest member of the Australian Paralympic team and came home with a silver and bronze medal from the pool, as part of the two female relay teams. In 2022 she was selected on the Commonwealth Games team to compete in Birmingham, again as the youngest member of the team.

Izzy says that “Representing Australia is beyond my wildest dreams and I’m incredibly grateful for these opportunities”. Izzy is passionate about inclusion in life and sport, encouraging all young people to ‘find their thing’.


The best thing about being a SASI Athlete:

Access to a range of high-quality experts right here in Adelaide… cannot wait for the new facility too- exciting times ahead!

My favourite food to fuel me as an Athlete:

(I should mention I am quite indecisive) loaded baked potato with all the bits! Minestrone soup in winter, can’t go past a pasta 😉 with loads of veg.

My favourite movie:

Napolean Dynamite.

My favourite colours:

Purple… and green.

My sporting hero and why:

Kurt Fearnley, he is an absolute legend on and off the track.

My favourite possession:

Again, finding it hard to pick one!! my six-year-old sneakers which are the only shoes I have ever found that fit my whacky feet! My jungle of indoor plants and collection of minerals and gemstones. Whilst not possessions I love all my pets; dog, turtle, guinea pigs, chickens.

The sporting activity I most like performing:

200IM Swimming or 400 Freestyle… or 100 Back.

If I wasn’t doing my current sport I would like to be:

I cannot imagine doing anything else right now but when my swimming journey is over, I would like to try so many other para-sports!

The most important things in life:

Animals, being around good people… who like animals, finding your thing.

My ambassador activity tip:

There are so many ways to be active, there is no harm in trying plenty, there are many benefits to trying new sports and being part of your community.

My favourite way to keep active:

Swimming! I also love wheelchair basketball, wheeling the dog is also up there.

The sport I like watching the most:

Again, I am indecisive, I love AFL, basketball, cricket, swimming… soccer.

What sporting success looks like:

Enjoying and contributing to your sport at the highest level.

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