Celeste Dixon - Ninja Warrior

My name’s Celeste Dixon and I’m known for being on all 5 seasons of Australian Ninja Warrior. Along with 5 other females, I made it up the warped wall to make history. I love being a ninja as it’s something that I find completely fun yet challenging – even more so with each passing season.

I also love aerial arts, gymnastics and climbing. I’ve really gotten into climbing recently as it’s helped a lot with grip strength.

I love being upside down hanging from a bar or in a handstand.

Being active is probably what people know me for. I never really have “down” time and I get bored verrrrry easily.

I absolutely hate being injured but getting older it’s becoming harder to avoid. I do like trying to push the boundaries as to how far I can physically take my body with training.


My favourite food to fuel me as an Athlete:

I absolutely love broccoli. I’m a massive fan of veggies.

My favourite movie:

Either the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Love Actually.

My favourite colours:

Fluro green, purple and blue.

My sporting hero and why:

There are so many I look at and just absolutely admire and for completely different reasons.

Simone Biles – just breathtaking to watch and the true GOAT of gymnastics.

Usain Bolt – what an athlete.

Oksana Chusovitina – another gymnast whose age knows no boundaries.

My favourite possession:

My necklace from Egypt. I’ve misplaced it a couple of times and always silently died!

The sporting activity I most like performing:

Anything that’s hanging from the ceiling or a bar, or a wheel.

If I wasn’t doing my current sport I would like to be:

Doing any physical activity that keeps my mind occupied.

The most important things in life:

Staying healthy, eating in moderation, loved ones and coffee.

My ambassador activity tip:

Find something that keeps your mind and body active. Have fun doing it and don’t stop until you find the next thing that catches your eye with that same passion.

My favourite way to keep active:

Ninja, gymnastics and climbing.

The sport I like watching the most:

Gymnastics, tennis, aerial skiing, Ice skating, skateboarding, climbing, curling – anything but cricket and soccer.

What sporting success looks like:

Someone having fun doing what they’re doing and you can actually tell they’re enjoying it.

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