Team - Adelaide Crows

The Adelaide Football Club was formed in 1991 and won AFL Premierships in 1997 and 1998. The players are all keen to encourage you to ‘Read and be active’ as part of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why they have signed up to become an Ambassador team for The Premier’s be active Challenge and the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

In order to be successful at their game the crows players have to lead a healthy life, get lots of physical activity and study their tactics and game plan, which means lots of reading! Reading is also a great way for the players to relax after training and help them recover from a hard day.

The Crows are often out in the community promoting the healthy lifestyle message. To find out more about the Crows Community Programs you can visit their website (

Please note that Adelaide Crows players are unavailable for school visits due to training commitments.

Have a question about the Challenge?

Please email our Premier’s be active Challenge mailbox or call for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.