The Premier’s be active Challenge is fortunate to have extraordinary Ambassadors who regularly visit schools to inspire and congratulate students participating in the Challenge.

We also encourage schools to find their own local identity or sports person who may also be able to talk to students. It’s a great way to inspire students and educate them about the importance of striving to reach goals in life and being active.

Ambassadors all give their time voluntarily and are asked to do just a few visits each year. If the Ambassador you request is unavailable, you may be contacted to see if you would like an alternative Ambassador.

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Premier’s be active Challenge Ambassadors are available to visit schools at various times throughout the year.

You may like to organise a visit in

  • Term 1, 2 or 3 to motivate students to complete the challenge
  • Term 4 to present awards.

More requests are often received than can be accommodated but your school will stay on the request list until a visit is organised which may be the following year.