Harrison Biddell makes a splash at Tea Tree Gully PS

Harrison Biddell, PBAC ambassador and national age group champion in the 200m breaststroke, visited Tea Tree Gully Primary School. He was excited about sharing his love of being active and the thrill of being a swimmer.

This is what students said:

Evan-Today a swimmer named Harrison Biddell came to our school and talked about the Premier’s Be Active Challenge. He also showed us some swimming techniques. They were backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle. He gave us some little challenges like asking Kaia, Clayton, Ryan and Sophia to do the plank and he had Danika and Layla R. do 30 skips on a skipping rope in a row. He also showed us some of his trophies and medals. He had a lot of trophies and medals.

Hunter – Today Harrison Biddell, a famous swimmer came to our school and talked about the Premier’s Be Active Challenge and doing little challenges like the plank. He showed us videos of versing other amazing young people and he talked about how he started doing swimming. He showed us some swimming techniques to do at home or anywhere else. He also showed us some of his trophies that he won in his races vs other friends of his and nowadays he trains with Kyle Chalmers. In the future he might be the best swimmer in the world.

Elijah – Today Harrison came to school and talked about how to be active. Harrison talked about swimming and told us to do the Premier’s Be Active Challenge. Harrison talked about  breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and side stroke and he showed us a video about him swimming. Some people did challenges and skipping rope. Harrison has done a  2000 metre swim in the ocean. At the end we all took a photo. Harrison is a famous Australian swimmer and Miss Danni and the kids won because they did a challenge.

Harry – Today a famous Australian swimmer Harrison Biddell came to our school to talk about the Premier’s Be Active Challenge. He loves sports and his favorite is swimming. We talked about how the swimmers had to practice and do things like planks and skipping to warm up before he swims. We had a contest to see who could hold a plank for the longest – Clayton, Kaia, Ryan and Sophia versus Miss Dani. The kids won. He also shared a video of him swimming 4 laps and he won.

Blake – Today Harrison Biddell came to our school and told us about swimming and how to stay fit and skip. He gave Kaia and Ryan a shirt because they held a plank the longest and gave Clayton a swimming cap. He gave Sophia a pair of goggles and they got those things because they won a plank against Miss Dani. He also showed us two videos when he won two competitions. He chose Danika to skip on a skipping rope for thirty seconds and she did it for thirty seconds and then he chose Layla R. to do it and she did it for twenty five seconds. Harrison trains with Kyle Chalmers.

Seb – Today an Australian famous swimmer called Harrison Biddell came to our school. He taught us about swimming and the Premier’s Be Active Challenge. First he showed us a video of him winning the Australian Finals and he won. Then he told us  how he trained. We did an active challenge. He picked four people to come do a plank and see who could hold it for longest. He chose Kaia, Ryan, Clayton and Sophia and also Ms Dani did it. They all did very good. Then he told us how we could get active. We did another challenge where we did skipping for thirty seconds. He chose Danika and Layla R. They could both hold it for thirty seconds. Next he showed us his trophies and medals and we took a photo.

Chloe-Today we got a visit from Harrison Biddell.

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