Kiana Elliott visits Modbury South Primary School

Here are some students’ responses:

On May the 8th Kiana Elliott came to our school to share her story with us. She told us all about her injuries, her travel years and her sporting life as well. Kiana also shared the most inspiring speech which has motivated me to achieve my netball goals and encouraged me to try new sports as well.

On the 8th of March, Modbury South Primary School got the privilege to meet Kiana Elliott and learn her heartbreaking yet inspirational story, which showed she could beat many injuries and still complete her goal of getting into the Olympics. Even though she had started Gymnastics at the age of 6 and had to sadly stop at the age of 14, she kept pushing through and discovered weightlifting. Her story was very emotional and a rocky road, that she beat and I am very inspired to do what she has done and to keep pushing through what I love. Meeting her was an amazing honour and we learnt a lot about her and some of us even got to lift an 8kilo weight. We hope in the future more amazing role models will come.

Kiana is a helpful, kind and diligent athlete and shared her remarkable story to us all on the 8th of May 2023. Her story of becoming an Olympian was fascinating as well as highly motivating as she got back up and continued her Olympic dream. She stated the largest setbacks in her career such as spondylolisthesis but also stated how she overcame them and how they shaped her to how she is today. After the bulk of the inspirational story was said we had a brain break, in which she showed us all how to do the squat, and how to do it in weightlifting. Then she continued her courageous story about sadly missing being a part of the 2016 Olympics. Overall, her visit was quite inspiring and has encouraged us to be more active.

Kiana Elliott was a good role model to all the students and told them that it is good to eat healthy and don’t give up in life. Kiana Elliott went through many stages of pain like her breaking her femur and stress fractures in her lower back. She was a gymnast and her dream was to get into the Olympics but she had to many injuries so she went to weight lifting. She was the lightest person to lift 100kg.

On the 8th of May, the remarkable, clever, strong, athletic, caring and beautiful Kiana Elliott came to our school to share her journey to becoming such a powerful athlete. Kiana shared with us all of her struggles and hardships, and how that has helped come to who she is today. She told us all about her major setbacks, and how she used them as motivation to get back up again. Her story was truly inspirational story.

I just really think that Kiana Elliott’s story was very inspirational. It shows that not every sport is for you and you just need to try to see what’s for you, it proves that everyone has a way to be active. Even though she broke and dislocated various bones, she still gave everything one more go. So, no matter how many things you find are not for you, there is always something new to get started on.

May 8th was the day when incredible Kiana Elliott came to Modbury South Primary School. When our class walked into the gymnasium they got straight to it, it started with a quick introduction of who she is and then she shared her very inspirational story to our school. She had a long-dedicated career to gymnastics. There was a bunch of injuries that occurred in her gymnastics life but she pushed through them to eventually accomplish her goal of competing in the Tokyo weight-lifting competition winning 4th place, we are all very proud of her and grateful that she came to our school.

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