Wilson wows at Goodwood PS

We were very lucky to have a karate world champion, Michelle Wilson, come to talk about her journey to success. We learnt about her ups and downs and how she persisted, even when she didn’t make it to the Olympics. She has won at least five medals for coming first, second and third in events like the Italian open and the US open. She also came to speak to us about the premiers be active challenge. She motivated us to be outside, exercising for at least 60 minutes a day, five days a week for four weeks. Now we can say that we have met a karate world champion!

Last week we had Michelle Wilson come to talk to us about Premiers be active challenge and her sporting career. She first started karate with her sister but then she kept training to get to where she is today. She had some injuries which meant she needed to persist and keep motivated to do her best even when it was challenging. We have lots of students who do after school sports, and we think this has motivated them do their best even when it’s hard. She has been able to travel around the world competing in karate which is a great benefit of playing this sport!

Michelle Wilson has represented Australia in karate! She was involved in lots of different sports before she decided to compete in karate. Michelle helped us to think of ways that we can be active throughout the day and add it together to count towards our 60 minutes of physical activity a day. At school we are all going to try to get at least an hour of exercise a day for four weeks to complete our Premiers Be Active Challenge.


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