Brinkworth Be Active

Michelle Wilson has been representing Australia for many years in karate. Michelle’s message was that the Premier’s be active Challenge, although finished for this year, was just a reminder to keep being active in many ways. The students loved hearing about her journey from black belt in karate at 16 years of age to world championships.

Here are some of the comments from the students about Michelle’s visit.

Toby: “It taught me a lot about karate and how you score. I have met a karate black belt who has been to world champs, awesome.”

Todd: “I learnt how you defend yourself in karate.”

Isaac: “Interesting and funny learning about karate.”

Bailey: “Very honourable, once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from a world champ competitor. It wasn’t just about sport but activity as well.”

Allora: “It was great. I learnt that karate was about self defence and scoring. And I learnt about different belts for different levels.”

Lachie: “I learnt about karate!”





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