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  • The Challenge will run from start of term 1 to end of term 3.
  • Approval of participants’ physical activity data will be from 6 July until 28 September 2018.
  • Medals will be sent out in PE Week (November).

Coordinator's role

  • Coordinators will need to register their school once by submitting the registration form (you may have done this already).
  • Each school will provide 2 contact people (the Coordinator and secondary contact).
  • Coordinators no longer log on to the Challenge website to record results.
  • There is no need to register students at the beginning of the year - this will now be done through EDSAS.
  • Coordinators will distribute and collect student physical activity log books.
  • Coordinators will approve either 4 or 10 weeks of physical activity through EDSAS (discuss this with your Premier’s Reading Challenge coordinator, as the Premier's be active Challenge will use the same process).

Registering participants

  • The Challenge is linked to EDSAS, all children will be automatically listed (other then Reception students or new students to the school).

Recording participant data

  • Students are no longer be able to log on to record their data.
  • All records will be paper based, signed off by parents/teachers and approval provided through EDSAS.

 Approval and data entry

  • Schools will access EDSAS where they will see all students in the site (either the coordinator or the SSO with access to EDSAS).
  • The steps for the data entry process are on the Entering Premier's be active Challenge data into EDSAS fact sheet.
  • Schools will be able to choose 4 or 10 weeks as completion options for students.
  • Data entry must be completed by Friday 28 September 2018.
  • You are not required to send any records (eg log books) into the Premier's be active Challenge team.


The guidelines for preschool participation in the Challenge are the same as for sites except for:

Recording participant data and approval

  • Children (with help from parents and teachers) will record their activity in a log book for 4 weeks (or more) and parents/teachers will endorse children's physical activity.
  • The preschool Premier's be active Challenge coordinator will send a list of the children who have completed the Challenge by Friday 28 September 2018, to (Children's name and birthdates must be included).
  • You are not required to send any records (eg log books) into the Premier's be active Challenge team.


  • Children who complete the Challenge will receive a certificate.
  • Preschools with children that complete 10 weeks of the Challenge will be in the running for a $1000 grant.