Lily Foster - Diving

Brief Intro.

Lily, 22 years of age, has been involved in the sport of diving for over 11 years. She has been an Elite Diver with the South Australian Sports Institute since she was 14 years of age and is also a valued member of the Diving South Australia Board of Directors. She has competed nationally and internationally several times for the Women’s 10 Metre Platform event. In 2020, Lily was awarded the ‘Peoples Choice Credit Union Women in Sport Scholarship’.

Outside of the pool, Lily’s life revolves a lot around children working in a high energy environment at Bounce Adelaide, encouraging kids to be active, and inspire progression! Lily is also a diving coach teaching the next generation of elite divers. Lily completed her degree in Journalism in 2020 at the University of Adelaide and is eager to pursue a career in broadcast sports journalism. Her love for news, sport, and storytelling partly stems from her background as a full-time elite athlete. Lily says that recently over the years, issues revolving around mental health have become very evident not only among loved ones, but also in athletes, young people, and those in the wider community, and it is an area that would benefit from greater understanding and resources. Lily is passionate about encouraging others to move their bodies to feel good physically and mentally, but to also participate in sport that allows opportunity for skill and character development!

 The best thing about being a SASI Athlete 

The community, support network, and relationships you build from being a SASI athlete.

My favourite food to fuel me as an Athlete 

I’m a sucker for peanut butter or a ham and cheese toastie!

My favourite movie

Shutter Island.

My favourite colours 

Greens and anything neutral.

My sporting hero and why

My mum. She grew up being a professional ballerina in the Royal Ballet, and I’ve never met someone stronger because of the experiences she went through.

My Favourite possession 

My dog and my coffee machine…

The sporting activity I most like performing   

Footy or Social Volleyball!

If I wasn’t doing my current sport I would like to be

Footy 100% (Aussie Rules).        

The most important things in life

My Family, My Bible.

My Ambassador Activity tip

Find movement that makes YOU feel good. Everyone is different!

My favourite way to keep active 

Kicking the footy, lifting weights, hikes, and walking my dog.

The sport I like watching the most 

Diving and footy.

What sporting success looks like 

Being able to reflect on the journey of sport, and the opportunities that arise from being a part of a sport, rather than the destination, and using your talent for good.

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