Jeremy Beale - Rowing

Born on the central coast, I grew up roughly 1hr 30 north of Sydney. I was invested in a variety of sports from an early age, including swimming, athletics, cycling etc. The beginning of my rowing career began in 2018 when my family and I moved to Adelaide. I quickly fell in love with the sport at my high school, St Peter’s College. At my first nationals my crew and I were national champions in the schoolboy eight, which hadn’t been accomplished by South Australia in 53 years. We also won silver in the U19 men’s four and bronze in the U19 men’s eight. In high school I was also highly involved in club rowing and made the Under 21 South Australian State Team each year from age 16. Since 2020 I have been involved with SASI and am now training 12-14 times per week on a full scholarship. I have been offered a scholarship to row and study at one of the most prestigious sporting colleges in the US, Cal Berkeley, starting August 2023. Despite being 19 years old in a sport where athletes peak at age 28-32, I’m more motivated than ever to pursue rowing at the highest level; for Australia at World Championships in July later this year.

My favourite food to fuel me as an Athlete 

Hard to beat ravioli with avocado, bacon and mayo!

My favourite movie

The Harry Potter series has been my favourite movie(s) since I was a kid.

My favourite colours 

All varieties of blue.

My sporting hero and why

Angus Dawson because he went to my high school and has rowed at Tokyo Olympics at only 21 years old.

The sporting activity I most like performing   


If I wasn’t doing my current sport I would like to be

A cyclist.

The most important things in life

Family, girlfriend, rowing, friends, uni studies.

My Ambassador Activity tip

Showing up is about 80% of the ingredients to success, particularly when you don’t want to train.

My favourite way to keep active 

Other than rowing, cycling with friends or dad. I love being outside and getting fresh air.

The sport I like watching the most 

Swimming. Sometimes I’ll watch world champs / Olympic racing for hours.

What sporting success looks like 

Contentment and continual improvement.

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