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visit this website and particularly use the Delicious link for updates on recent research about healthy lifestyles and the link to learning.
01 Jun 2012
Describes the Rudd Governments $195.2 million boost to funding for community and elite sport.
09 Jun 2010
Statistics and facts related to childhood obesity and physical activity (60KB)
09 Jun 2010
An Australian study by Professor Richard Telford has shown strong links between regular physical activity and improved test scores in primary schools.
03 May 2013
Research from Northeastern United States to determine relationships between physical fitness and academic achievement in diverse, urban public school children. (135KB pdf)
09 Jun 2010
An article by Sharon Bowman- see principle 1
03 May 2013
A literature review of reserach into the link between physical activity and academic performance 1990 - 2010
05 Jan 2012
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity review of the relationships of academic performance and some of its determinants to participation in school-based physical activities. (1.91KB pdf)
09 Jun 2010
This article explores the important links that the body and mind play in working together in an active life.
30 May 2013