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  • The Challenge will run from start of term 1 to end of term 3.
  • Approval of participants’ physical activity data will be from 20 July until 25 September 2020.
  • Medal/s may arrive by the end of November.

Coordinator's role

  • Coordinators no longer log on to the Challenge website to record results.
  • There is no need to register your child/children.
  • Coordinators will distribute and collect your child/children's recording booklet/s.
  • Approval will occur by the Premier’s be active Challenge team. Please send us your completed booklet/s and we will enter it in to our system and a medal will be sent to your home address.

Recording participant data

  • Your child/children will no longer be able to log on to record their data.
  • Your child/children will record all activity in a recording booklet.


  • All records will be paper based, signed off by a parent/guardian and sent to the Premier’s be active Challenge team for approval.
  • The completed recording booklet/s must be received by Friday 25 September 2020.